American Horror Story Season Four Revealed

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If there’s one thing you know about me is that I love me some American Horror Story.  So much so that it borders on obsession and I claw and pine to see what theme a new season will bring.  Well my friends this junkie got a nice fix of news this past week that I’m going to pass on to you. Douglas Petrie, writer for American Horror Story confirmed the rumor that the next arc of the series will be at a fair.  Petrie went on to say, “It doesn’t have a title, but that’s the idea. Very roughly, that’s the idea .Other details of the new season, which is due to hit screens in October, are being kept under wraps. I can say nothing.”  Cotton candy, side shows and scary clowns!? Sounds fantastic to me. Early reports had Jessica Lange working on a German accent. So is it a European circus? Maybe she fled Nazi Germany to join the American circus who knows? Either way we will keep you up to date as new information becomes available.