Album Review: Li Garattoni “Find Out What I’m Dreaming”

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I don’t know anything about this record or vocalist Li Garattoni. I was given a test pressing of the re-issue of her album “Find Out What I’m Dreaming”, originally released on a small German label in 1982. This album has been out of print for nearly three decades and I can’t help but to wonder why. Thankfully, the always brilliant Private Records now has their hands on this record and it’s going to be available very soon for worldwide consumption.

Listening to this record, I felt as if I were in a dream. I didn’t blare it loudly like I tend to do, I just plugged my headphones into the turntable and sat back. Li Garattoni’s voice is blissful and soothing. Her range is very impressive but it’s her soft whisper I found the most analgesic. The outside world seemed to fade with synth heavy tracks like “Dornroschen” or “In the Still of the Night”. Each track has a distinctive sound even though a lyrical theme runs the gamut of the entire album. From beginning to end this is a very beautiful record. If I had to choose a favorite track it would be for the song “Find Out What I’m Dreaming”. That song is almost asking us as listeners to dig deeper in to each of the songs presented here and maybe we could learn a little bit about this mysterious and highly talented woman.

Sadly, Li passed away in 2004. Her talent went largely undiscovered but with Private Records re-issuing this record in a limited run, fans of this dreamy, electronic, jazz inspired record will find themselves lost in a world created by a brilliant female vocalist, it’s almost as if an angel is singing down upon us all. It’s a masterful recording and one you may want to take a chance on.
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