Afflicted Offical Trailer: Found footage horror, superhero movie?

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Yes, yes I know not another found footage film right. I mean come on just the name alone “found footage” is pretty spoiler heavy from the start. However check this trailer out for Afflicted it may change your mind. Its fasted paced and will leave you with more questions and excitement than your standard found footage. Is it horror? It is a super hero movie or maybe alien? No matter which angle you take it looks solid and this might breathe some fresh air into an over used medium for horror fans.


Synopsis: A vacationing American contracts a disease in Paris which seems to gift him superpowers — including the ability to run at 60 kilometers per hour. Well, that’s one way to beat the traffic snarl around the Arc de Triomphe.Written, directed by, and starring genre up-and-comers  Clif Prowse and Derek Lee, this found footage film will be released theatrically and via VOD on April 4.


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