Advanced Review: THE CLOUD

In Boom, Comic Books by Michael Cieslak2 Comments

The Cloud is absolutely beautiful.

This may seem like an odd thing to say about a story set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but it’s true. The fist image we encounter is the titular Cloud, a winged wolf the size of a horse, and his master and it’s stunning. The combination of vague strokes and hard lines creates an image which appears to be in motion even though the characters are standing still. The use of a muted red and brown pallet sets the tone instantly. Turn a few pages and we have a background of the clouds and sky that you would swear is a photograph which the other images have been drawn on top of.

We enter a world which has been blasted by nuclear war, a world where the main character fishes birds from the sky to remove un-radiated seeds from their gullets. It is a world where people live in cities in the sky to distance themselves from the wasteland below, a world where sky pirates in ships suspended from balloons steal people off of the streets to force them into slavery.

The characters become embroiled in a quest to protect the dandelion stone — an artifact with the power to grant one wish. The captain of the pirates wants the stone to cement his power base. Others seek to reverse time to return dead loved ones or free captured parents.

The quest takes Cloud and his master across an amazing landscape of flying whales and terrifying ape creatures. The narration can be a bit heavy at times, but it does raise some interesting philosophical questions.

The world of The Cloud is harsh but visually arresting. Fans of high fantasy will definitely enjoy this title from Boom Comics.

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