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Strolling into your living room tonight from Adult Swim, is the creepy neighbor your parent’s won’t allow to to walk in front their house–about freaking time right? What was that man up to? Well, if Mr. Neighbor is any indiction, it’s everything your parents feared.

Puppets, bad sweaters, bald guy with a webcam issue…

Starring Brian Huskey, if the name doesn’t stick, don’t worry, cause you’ll defiantly recognize his face. “Hey it’s that weird skinny bald guy from the Sonic commercials!” is the common reaction. Huskey is Mr. Neighbor, a Mr. Rodgers type character if Mr. Rodgers was brought on a diet of tears and disappointment. Living in a world of puppets, dysfunction, a sex-upped librarian , some pent-up rage over his childhood, Neighbor plans his 31st Annual Fifth Birthday Party. (Just like Mr. Rodgers!)

Huskey has never been funnier, and while the story is outlandish, Huskey brings heart to his warped children’s tv host alter ego. Adult Swim continues not only to push the boundaries, but succeed in doing so. Fans of the Upright Citizens Brigade rejoice, Huskey gets his, don’t miss Mr. Neighbors House!

Created by Huskey, Jason Mantzoukas (Childrens Hospital, The League), and Jesse Falcon, who also serve as executive producers with Rob Corddry (Childrens Hospital, HBO’s Ballers). Directed by Bill Benz (Lady Dynamite, Portlandia). Guest stars include Nick Kroll, Mary Holland, Jon Daly, and Steve Agee.

Join Mr. Neighbor on Friday, December 2nd at Midnight for his 31st Annual Fifth Birthday Party on Adult Swim

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