ABC’s of Death Red Band Trailer

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Finally it’s here!!!  One of Slack Jaw Punks most anticipated sequels of 2014.  This trailer looks phenomenal. When you can take 26 insane and totally effed up directors and let them make a short horror film with the only stipulation being that the title has to begin with a certain letter of the alphabet, you know us horror nerds are going to be damn excited. ABC’s of Death 2 happens to feature a couple of film makers that should be everyone’s radar and if they aren’t will be by 2015. Astron 6 (film making group from Canada behind Manborg and Father’s Day), The Soska Sisters (Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary) and indie horror director Larry Fessenden. The beauty of ABC’s of Death series is even if you end up hating a handful of the shorts (trust me I didn’t enjoy them all. Ti West really dropped the ball with the Miscarriage short…What the hell was that about…) there is bound to be some you totally dig. Check out the trailer below and get ready for October. Hell of a way to celebrate Halloween!

PLOT: Be ready to learn your ABC’s again with 26 new directors and 26 new deaths bring your kids to a blood and gore filled horror so good your face will be blood red.-imdb


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