A Few Possibilities for the Superman/Batman Movie

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With the hype continuously building for the sequel to this year’s Man of Steel, rumors are flying all around the internet on what we can expect in the Superman/ Batman crossover movie. Whether it’s taken from the pages of World’s Finest or Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is still anyone’s guess, so I figured I’d share some of my thoughts on what we could see when The Dark Knight meets the Man of Steel in a few years. Take a look at what I got and share some of your thoughts in the comments below on what you’d like to see or what you think is going to happen!



Lexcorp Building

While eagle eyed moviegoers may have noticed this, there is an Easter Egg in Man of Steel that alludes to the existance of Lex Luthor. With meteorites flying over his building, and being the egotistical super scientist he is, maybe he’ll become a little proactive and take a stand against Superman. Could be something to pause the fight between Batman and Superman and bring the two together to add brains to the brawn, and bring down Luthor. Either way, with the tiny incorporation of Lexcorps into Man of Steel, I can’t expect Snyder to completely ignore him in the sequel.




Carol Ferris

While I don’t expect to see Green Lantern in the Man of Steel sequel, I do expect to see more of a character driven supporting cast. By that, I don’t expect to see Justice Leaguers like Oliver Queen or Hal Jordan run around, but their supporting cast would be cool to see, like more from Cpt. Carol “Carrie” Ferris played by Christina Wren in Man of Steel or incorporate one of the millions of supporting characters from other Justice League members.


 S.T.A.R. Labs

Richard Schiff

Emil Hamilton, who is played by Richard Schiff in Man of Steel, is one of the head scientists of S.T.A.R. Labs in DC Comics. While S.T.A.R. has been used in Superman comics for a long time and wasn’t exactly an Easter Egg or teaser in any way, it could also be a HUGE Easter Egg. S.T.A.R. Labs also created Cyborg, who is a current member of the Justice League. While the line up for the still-rumored Justice League hasn’t been announced or even hinted at, they could just take the current comic lineup and use them for the movie.




Bale as Batman

Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne has officially retired as Batman, and hands the mantle over to John “Robin” Blake. But what could be one thing that brings him out of hiding and returns him to his duties? A superhuman, alien threat that practically levels a whole city in an all-out grudge match.

It was recently revealed that CW’s Arrow were denied rights to use Batman characters in their upcoming season, stating that because of the Superman/Batman announcement, that it was “out of their control.” Could that mean we could see a few BatFamily members help Bruce take out Superman? My thoughts are that Blake takes on the Nightwing persona once Wayne hands the Batcave to him, because he feels like he will be a different hero than Wayne, then he joins up with Bruce when he dons the cape and cowl again.

Think about it, if Marvel can afford to bring back Robert Downey Jr. for Avengers 2 and 3, maybe Warner Bros. can bring back Christian Bale? What else does he have going on these days? Aside from a few films in post-production, he is rumored to be in early negotiations for a film called The Creed of Violence, based off of a book by the same name. If that falls through, I think he’ll definitely make a return. The fact that David S. Goyer is going to write the screenplay may just be the push Bale needs.





I’ve had a pretty varied list of people that I’d like to see play The Dark Knight throughout the years of fandom. I’ve recently added another actor, Karl Urban, to the list after seeing his portrayal of Judge Dredd in Dredd. In the movie he never took off his Judge’s helmet, which would be interesting to see in Superman/Batman, because we all already know Batman’s origin, and who he is when he’s not Batman. It’s been drilled into your brain by actors like Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and even Bale. All we need is him cutting to a random actor playing Alfred in the Batcave. We don’t need Bruce Wayne.

We also have to remember that Batman will be exchanging blows with the Man of Steel, with the announcement of the film even borrowing a quote from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Maybe we need a tough guy to play Batman? I wouldn’t mind seeing Joe Manganiello take on the role, but his height would be one factor against him. We can’t have Batman taller than Superman, since that is one problem a lot of people have with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

If age wasn’t a factor, I’d like to see Josh Brolin play Batman. Additionally, we could wait a couple years and put some weight on Brolin for a strict adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, with the current Superman/ Batman being more of a World’s Finest adaptation, meant to build some steam up for a Justice League movie. Throw Tom Waits in as The Joker and you have the greatest Batman movie ever.

While everyone is picking their favorite actor to play Batman, chances are we won’t see Warner Bros. choice coming, much like no one really guessed that Henry Cavill would be cast as Superman. Having an unknown (or even lesser known) actor portray Batman could be a great thing. A fresh face could paint Batman in a new light, and if done correctly, could be the key to unlocking the Justice League movie, especially if the casting is done well enough to give hope to recasting Green Lantern.