A Conversation with B-Movie Producer DAVID ZANI

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Hey Dave, first exploitation/B film you remember and why?

Hello! hmm I think the first one I saw in a video store, as a kid, that was true exploitation was Ilsa she wolf of the SS,which terrified me back then. I did not end up seeing that until years later. The first one I became a true fan of was the Bloodfist series. I use to work the over-night shift at a cable place, running tapes etc. and Bloodfist, with it’s sequels, would come on and I always loved it. So classic! – Kwong 4 life!

What makes for a good b-film?

Great question. Some sort of mysterious element to it all. It is almost hard to describe in words, it’s more of a feeling. Down to the colors we see on the screen make the audience feel a certain way. You most certainly need sex appeal, perhaps a dash or two of violence, a sprinkle of monster and toss in a haunted mansion or two and I think you are getting pretty warm!

Corman or Meyers? Who’s the king?

Corman, hands down. I respect the work of Meyers and a lot of his films are super sexy and fun but Corman, to me, is on another level. He has given so much to culture that most do not even realize. I ask myself sometimes would we even have video games like Halo and Grand Theft Auto if not for the thematic elements set forth in popular culture by Roger Corman?

Video games are so cinematic today was it easy making the transition to film?

I was always a movie guy, when I first started working at Rockstar I was not a video game person at all. I had always enjoyed the GTA series but that was because It was so cinematic. I found it pretty easy to transition into my role at Rockstar. They are such a talented group of people and I learned so much. I will always value my time and experiences there, for sure. The world’s they create are really staggering to wrap your mind around.

Tell us what viewers can expect from a Dave Zani production?

I think viewers can always expect to see a little connection to history or science. This is what interests me and motivates me deeply. From the time I was a young boy I was fed a steady diet of Dinosaurs, Ancient, Egypt, World War II stories from Grandpa, paranormal occurrences and Marine Biology and I think that is clearly evident in my work!

What’s your next project?

Currently I am developing an epic animated piece, a sort of mythology with a modern twist. I am very proud of this, I can’t say much about it right now but I will be making more public announcements sometime in 2017. We have some great trailers in production I think everyone out there will enjoy!

Thanks for your time, where can fans keep up with ya?

Thank you! I had a blast diving into this stuff. Follow me on twitter or instagram @ScaredTopless and also check out my web site www.ScaredTopless.com and www.OldMillEntertainment.com for my other projects.