A Con Review: Midwest Media Expo 2015

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It’s Iron Squid and I’m ready to take a look at a cons second year all the way from Detroit, Michigan…the sister con to the legendary Youmacon: Midwest Media Expo! Where all types of media guests and characters come and join in the fun in…media stuff! Are we ready to dive into this convention? Was it worth it? I’ll let you decide.

Well...seeing this we worth it.

Well…seeing this was worth it.

Midwest Media Expo started off with us receiving our press badges and heading out into the wilderness of weirdness and excitement. First the media guide wasn’t an actual guide but more of a “Who’s all here” and advertisements, with no way of knowing what panels were going to happed and where…BUT FEAR NOT: There were a few different giant schedules that were hanging around different locations, so you hand to hunt for one of those giant schedules and then memorize everything (or take a picture) in order to know when everything is, which was more frustrating then trying to beat a small child…



Looking over our handy dandy notebook we soon discovered that “media” was a little bit of a loose term there wasn’t to much to do and a lot of them seemed to be panels that we have seen before. Such as Hetalia: Ask-a-nation and Live Action Mario Party, and even a Cosplay Speed Dating. Granted, panels are created by fans and I applaud those that take the time and dedication to make a panel, it’s fun and exciting. Mildly shocked there was not any true TV or comic book panels, except the Supernatural Trivia..that was cool. With that being said this is the second year and still getting its feet off the ground and still getting its feelers to feel feelings, hopefully we will be seeing many old and new panels rise up and become a staple of the convention.

Guests this year was a mixed bag, with ranging from the heavy hitters at Channel Awesome, all the way to cult following favorite John St. John. However, it did mostly consist of critics more then anything in the terms of media. Steam Powered Giraffe and Time Crashers returned with a smashing success, along with the Harp Twins who were fantastic. First time con goer (of any con) Ruth Cullen of Supernatural came and hung out with us for a few and Nintendo Ambassador Andre the Black Nerd kept us all laughing, oh and there was even VG Cats and Silent Hill music composure Akira Yamaoka was there (didn’t get to talk with him..sad me)

We even had royalty here!

We even had royalty here!

Moving on we found ourselves in the Artist Alley, a main staple where local artists can sell their goods to all others. Though smaller than most conventions we’ve been too, it did feel rather personal. Every artist dealer was very friendly and everything was very well crafted. The dealers room was a lot bigger and had a lot more anime and leather stuff than expected…but that wasn’t a bad thing, since we got:

Website: 8bitpixelvisions.com

Website: 8bitpixelvisions.com

And we also saw things:


Such as this sexy guy at Tandy Leather!

And then:

Visit Ruppits.com to order now!

Visit Ruppits.com to order now!

Moving along we determined that the con itself collectively is still growing although a little bit weak in the stuff to do. The atmosphere is what really brought it together, people were making the best out of everything and having fun just hanging around socializing, frustrated at times with finding our way around, there was always a moment where we had to stop and admire the costumes and just chat with people about what ever we felt like, guests were solid, and as we look to the stars and drink to our hearts content, we look forward to another exciting year of Midwest Media Expo in the year 3000!


Now enjoy this Twilight Spartan.




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