6 New Horror Flicks Coming Right In Time For Halloween!

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I don’t know about everyone else,but in my house Halloween is a national holiday ( Just Googled it and it appears most of the country also treats Oct 31st this way also….). It’s a time of year where my love for horror seems a little less creepy and decorating my front yard with dismembered corpses does not get the cops called on me (Damn nosy neighbors! Mind your own business!). Every year I sit down and watch my Halloween night staples (Evil Dead, Trick ‘R’ Treat etc), but this year there is easily a dozen or so awesome looking horror flicks coming out in October that I might have to change things up a bit (Look at me! Evolving. Now if only I can stop tossing my feces at people walking by my cage…I mean house!). With Halloween right around the corner I decided to share picks for must see new horror films this Halloween season. If I left any out that you feel deserves to be on the list let me know in the comments!

                                                 Deathgasm (Oct 2nd)




Metal and horror seem like such a natural fit that it’s shocking how little we actual see them together in film form. Writer/director Jason Lei Howden seems to feel the same and looks to deliver an epic metal heads wet dream with his first feature-length film. Howden has been working in visual effects for the last couple years and judging from the trailer he is putting that experiences to bat shit crazy use! Check out the trailer below, but do yourself a favor and crank some Motorhead before to get yourself in the right head space.


                                               The Final Girls (Oct 9th)



I am on record for my hate of “self-aware” horror flicks. If I have to watch another movie where the flick is winking so hard at me my screen cracks, I’m going to beat myself in the head with a copy of Scream until I get amnesia (RIP Wes Craven!). I’m telling you this so you know how high of hopes I have for Todd Strauss-Schulson’s The Final Girls. This can easily be another horror/comedy that just has goofy people saying goofy things then get killed in horrible ways… Wait! That sounds awesome! I have successfully talked myself back in love with these movies! 


                                              Knock, Knock (Oct 9th)


Keanu Reeves? Eli Roth?  Super sexy girls? How could this be bad. Even if it’s bad, it’s still going to be good. Honestly after John Wick I don’t care what Reeves does. He has my undying support. As for Eli Roth, I’m just excited he’s back in the directors chair. Two flicks in the span of a month! Makes for a hell of Halloween season!


                                             8 Films to Die For (Oct 16th)

8Films_logo copy2


This one is a cheat, but you know what, it’s 8 original horror movies in theaters! A few years back 8FtDF called it quits after a couple of years in a row and I was devastated. It came at a time when horror was desperately needed in the theaters and was a yearly event I always looked forward to and it was robbed from me! And then the greatest Halloween miracle happened, it was announced the 8 Films to Die For was coming back to theaters and just in time for Halloween this year! The line up looks promising and honestly it doesn’t matter. I will have my rear end planted firmly in a theater seat with cold beverage in hand! I’m not posting the trailers for all 8 films, but you can head over to the official site for the line up and theater listings.


                                              Bloody Knuckles (Oct 20th)


Ever since Evil Dead II, I have a soft for a man’s dismembered body parts being re-animated and wrecking havoc. I even dug the super cheesy, Devon Sawa (wonder what happened to that guy??) starring Idle Hands. The comparisons to IH and Bloody Knuckles are almost going to be knee jerk, but I got a feeling Bloody Knuckles is gonna offer a lot more than pre-famous Jessica Abel dressed as a sexy angel. Although it wouldn’t hurt if they decided to add that in…


                                               Bone Tomahawk (Oct 23rd)

Bone Tomahawk Movie Poster


It’s a horror/western starring Kurt Russell. If it takes more than that sentence to get you excited about Bone Tomahawk, I think you may be dead on the inside. No trailer out yet for Bone Tomahawk so here’s a mash-up of Kurt Russell at his most Kurt Russell-iest…


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