5 Horror Flicks I Can’t Wait For This Summer!

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The summer movie season can be a rough time for genre fans. With only superhero and Melissa McCarthy (Some argue that these are the most terrifying movies of all…) flicks getting all the attention, horror flicks can slip through the cracks. Well fear not my fellow horror nerds I have gathered (what appears to be) the best the genre has to offer during this super power, spandex and chubby girl falling down (McCarthy falls down a lot…) drenched season. These might help hold you over until the Halloween season. Which is looking to be jammed packed with awesomeness this year! Check ’em out below and let me know if I forgot any in the comments below.



The Woods (Sept 16th)

Director: Adam Wingard

Writer: Simon Barret

Years ago I made the statement that Wingard and Barret would save the horror world from crappy remakes and sequels. I was absolutely right. Even before their genre hits You’re Next and The Guest, the duo gave us some damn original flicks (VHS 1&2 and A Horrible Way to Die). With Wingard taking a crack directing Robert Kirkman’s new TV show Outcast, coming out in a couple of weeks, it’s a damn important time to start hyping his next film: The Woods. Not much is known about the plot, but the teaser below has jammed packed it with enough quotes promising the “scariest movie ever made.” I know that’s a quote we get every few months to hype up a horror movie, but with Barret and Wingard involved I’ll buy in…for now…


Clown (June 17th)

Director: Jon Watts

Writer: Christopher Ford

Clown was film and released (in the rest of the world) way back in 2014, but never released here in the states. Normally when a movie is shelved for 2 plus years it’s a good indicator of a crapfest. This is not always the case. Of course sometimes its benign legalities that keep cool flicks from seeing the light of day and word has it that is the case here. That being the case, most genre fans know to keep their guards up. Been burnt one to many times! Even being produced by Eli Roth can’t help shake that stigma of a shelved movie. He has a bad track record with postponed flicks (Cough! Green Inferno…Cough!). All that said, I’m willing to roll the dice on this one. Director Jon Watts has done some really cool movies (Cop Car starring Kevin Bacon was great movie!) and is even signed on for the next Spider-Man reboot/remake thing.   So it can’t be that bad…Can it?!?!


Don’t Breathe (August 26th)

Director: Fede Alvarez

Writers: Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues

Director Fede Alvarez killed it with the Evil Dead remake. I stand by that.The man has a style and knows how to make a horror flick. There was a lot of rumors going around about what Alvarez was going to follow-up with. I remember at one point he was on board for the Dante’s Inferno movie, but fortunately (that would have been a disaster) he went with an original idea. Teaming back up with Ghost Pictures and Evil Dead star Jane Levy, I gotta say I might be more excited for this flick than any other movie coming out this summer.


The Conjuring 2 (June 10th)

Director: James Wan

Writer: Carey & Chad Hayes

When James Wan went and got all Furious with Vin Diesel, I assumed that was it for him and the horror genre. I dig Wan’s work and had a good time with The Conjuring, but I never thought he would come back for the sequel. But man did he! Check that trailer out below and tell me that doesn’t look like a great time! Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are back as The Warren’s and this time they are helping a family being tormented by an evil spirit, but this time in England… Okay, it’s not exactly something new, but I stand by this trailer and can’t wait to check it out in a couple of weeks!


Cell (July 8th)

Director: Tod Williams

Writer: Adam Alleca

John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and Stephen King! Hell Yeah! That combination worked with 1408, don’t see why it won’t here! Cell is one of those movies that has been stuck in development hell for damn near a decade (At one point Eli Roth was set to direct). I dug the novel (by the same name) and with the recent trend of zombies coming to end this movie might be a little to late to cash in. Doesn’t mean it won’t be a good time. Check out the trailer and get ready for some MotherFucking Zombies!