5 Bad@ss Death Scenes!

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As horror fans we wear on love for gore on our sleeve. We are not ashamed to say that a huge part of why we love this genre (which most consider the “Red Headed Step Child” of the cinema world) is we enjoy watching horribly disgusting things happen to people. Like a seasoned bird watcher (yes, I just compared watching horror movies to a pass time reserved for the elderly and people who enjoy things that suck ass) I like to fancy myself as seeing the best deaths the horror genre has to offer. I even keep a book with dates and times that I witnessed seeing kick to the nut death scenes… Yup, I take my horror flicks that serious! Hell an awesome over the top death scene can save a horror film from $5 bargain bin obscurity. Who needs plot, character development and believable dialogue when you can just invest everything you have in spectacular mayhem? So I thought why not share a few of my favorite scenes. Take a look below and let me know your favorites in the comment section below.

Wolf Creek (2005) – Head on a Stick

Wolf Creek was a hell of way to spend my Christmas day back in 2005. Yeah, how crazy is it that they released this on Jesus’s B-day here in the U.S.!?! What better way to celebrate the holidays than to watch a crazy Australian nomad hack apart campers. I know it was received with a mixed reception, but love it or hate it this scene always stands out. Hard to watch without cringing.

Feast (2005) – Hero Gets a Warm Welcome

I dig the Feast flicks. Sure, director John Gulager, went way of the rails with the sequels ( The ending of the trilogy alone is so fucking weird!), but he set the tone when he introduced Hero (played by Eric Bane) with a badass monologue only to off him the most unexpected, hardcore way mere moments after his entrance. If that didn’t let the audience know that Gulager marches to a different drummer, I’m sure the baby monster mouth rape scene surely did.

Hatchet (2006) – Richard Riehle Meets Victor Crowely

I fucking love Hatchet. With out a doubt a modern classic that horror fans had been yearning for. When I first sat down with Hatchet, I wasn’t sure how to handle it. It seemed to be more of a comedy than a horror flick and that wasn’t sitting with me well. Then Victor Crowely comes tearing into the movie and my world hasn’t been the same since. No matter what you think about the Hatchet series one fact remains true: The Hatchet movies have the craziest death scenes. All of which start with this one.

I Saw the Devil (2010) – Min-sik Choi Catches A Ride

If you haven’t seen I Saw the Devil head on over to Netflix and check it out. I will let you use my account ( just email me). It is an amazing movie. The best serial killer story ever put on to celluloid.  Min-sik Choi (Forever known as OldBoy) gives one of the greatest/creepiest performance and is truly a sadistic killer. The clip below is only a tenth of awesomeness that I Saw the Devil delivers.

30 Days of Night (2007) – Josh Hartnett Chopping Block

At a time when vampires were sparkly and pretty, David Slade and Steve Niles decided to give us truly frighten bloodsuckers who were more animal that viewed humans as only food. Of course Slade would go on to direct a Twilight sequel, but gets a pass for not only making a badass horror flick, but for giving us one of the greatest beheading ever seen on film.