3 New Clips That Give Good Reason To Spend Money On The Sacrament!

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If you were on the fence on whether or not to check out Ti West’s The Sacrament, I got two reasons to help you through this dilemma. Now I haven’t seen The Sacrament yet (plan on sitting down with it tonight), but everyone I have talked to who has seen it, only raves. It’s no secret that I have been eagerly awaiting this one (check out my list of “Must See Horror Flick” for confirmation). I know that Ti West is a beloved name in the genre, but Eli Roth (who happened to produce The Sacrament) might turn off some fans. If that’s the case (not in this writers opinion) these two clips below might help seal the deal. Take a look and tell us what you think below in the comments. The Sacrament is available on VOD and iTunes now!


Watch the clip “Creepy Father” exclusively on AskMen.com:


Watch the clip “Brainwashing” exclusively on Hulu: