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When a horror junkie living off of his hot girlfriend has become desensitized to horror movies and haunted houses the next logical step is the hire a custom scare company to enhance his Halloween experience. Joe Foster (Lucas Neff) is a horror movie fanatic and when his friend Ben (Chris Marquette) and his wife Ashleigh (Stephanie Drake) come out to California he hires a custom scare company to spice up there Halloween experience. Fear, Inc. from Vincent Masciale (Director) and Luke Barnett (Writer) is a different kind of horror film that keeps the audience guessing with twists and turns from beginning to end.


After a boring date night at a haunted house with his girlfriend Lindsey (Caitlin Stase), Joe Foster is approached by Tom, played by Ham Porter from Sandlot (Patrick Renna), with a company that creates custom fear experiences called Fear, Inc. When Ben and Ashleigh come to visit for Halloween Joe wants to call Fear, Inc. Ben warns him that Fear, Inc. is run by a bunch of crazy degenerates that take the experience too far. Siting the fact that his boss hired Fear, Inc. and she hasn’t returned to work since. He doesn’t head his friend’s advice, and drunk dials Fear, Inc. Unfortunately for him they are sold out, at least that is what they tell him.

On Halloween night after a costume party Joe and the gang are surprised when the Fear, Inc. experience begins. Joe thinks it’s all a game with actors creating scenes from his favorite horror films like Scream and Saw. Reality comes crashing down when Joe is forced to make a decision about who to save, his best friend Ben or girlfriend Lindsey. Finally realizing that it’s not a game, Joe is filled with fear.

Barnett does an excellent job keeping the audience on the edge of their seats guessing what’s going to happen next. He breaks the mold of the typical horror movie where you can guess what’s going to happen next. It instilled actual fear into my wife and me while watching in our basement. Though very unlikely, at the core this movie can be broken down to a home invasion movie. I can handle the Jason’s and the Nightmare on Elm’s street type movies, but when it comes to real life scenarios like home invasion, it scares me to the core. I highly recommend Fear, Inc. for horror movie fans and non-horror movie fans alike. The movie is well written and the acting is fantastic, it’s just a good movie, not just a good horror movie.