Comic Book Review: 13 Coins #1-3

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If you have started reading this new title from Titan Comics and writers Martin Brennan and Michael B. Jackson, you know that it follows the life of John Ponzer, an unbeknownst True-Blood. Born of Angels, his bloodlines go back to the beginning of man and the “Fallen”; Those who turned against God, jealous of his favouritism towards man and were enraged.

In issue one, I was captivated and intrigued by the tale of the battle between good and evil. That intrigue continues through issue #3, when John has begun his training as a “Son”. We begin to learn more about John’s life and his new found “friends”. John is thrust into the world of the supernatural, by no choice of his own.

His new-found brotherhood begins teaching him about his heritage and the possibility that he is more than he ever imagined.  Simultaneously, we see how the Fallen influence men, with promises of wealth and power.

We also learn early on, how the 13 coins came into existence.  I will not spoil it for those of you, who have not read this comic just yet, but  I will say this; Martin Brennan and Michael B. Jackson have captured this comic fan’s attention a intrigue, that will no doubt continue throughout this series.


Outside of the amazing storyline, the artwork is equally amazing. Simon Bisley puts his skills to test in this series; successfully I might add.  Simon, who is no noob, when it comes to amazing work has brought us work from comics the DC universe with Batman : Black and White Miniseries #2, Helblazer #259-260 and one of my all-time favourites Lobo The Last Czarnian from 1992. It’s a mix of Pop-Art with, what  I like to describe as (Blade Runner-esque). His attention to detail, smooth lines and vibrant colour is well worth viewing and pleasing to the eye. Bravo  Simon.


For those of you who have not had the privilege to pick it up yet, do so.


I promise. You will not be disappointed.

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