10 Takeaways From Warcraft

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While not the steaming pile of feces that some critics are whining about, Duncan Jones ‘ Warcraft is far from cinematic caviar. Sticky with the food thing–It falls somewhere between Applebees and Chillies. Sure the foods editable but it’s generic, and usually the second or third choice in restaurant selection.

So here’s 10 quick take aways. (No particular order) Beware Spoilers ensue!

10. The tone of Warcraft is way too serious. Even the LOTR took time to crack a joke.

9. Holy Green Scene Batman! I doubt this production left a sound stage. The ILM manufactured CGI holds up for the most part–the Orcs are great, the landscape, castle stuff not so much.

8. Travis Fimmel, while technically the lead still feels underused. Maybe this was just me want Ragnar Lodbrok to show up and preform a Blood Eagle on an Orc.

7. Duncan Jones is successful in distancing Warcraft from Tolkien and GOT. It’s more in spirit with 80s fantasy flicks, like Willow, Legend, or The Sword of Valiant.

6. The Hordes story is more compelling than the Alliances. Tony Kebbel’s Cap-mo Durotan is the heart and soul of this film, when he isn’t on-screen you can’t help waiting till he gets back. Fimmel, like I said previous is misused. Ben Foster as the Guardian is solid as well, many of the non-cap-mo actors I felt phoned it in.

5. Spoiler: A lot of main characters die. A lot, like 1/2 of the main characters, seriously. Dead.

4. Warcraft does excel in the fantasy adventure department. When the story shifts and the axes fly, Jones’ film doesn’t disappoint. The last battle when Fimmel barrels his Griffen into a crowd of Orcs is pretty epic.

3. Duncan Jones can direct-no doubt. That fact wax established 30 mins into Moon. That being said, I thought some of the CGI gets away from, there’s just much of it that it consumes the story. I did read he’s first cut was 40 mins longer, honestly, I think Warcraft would be enhanced by it-if it’s primarily plot/character building stuff.

2. The ending scene is a rip off the ending from Escape of the Planet of the Apes.

1. China loves this film. Did you see the numbers? It’s made more in five days than Star Wars : The Force Awakens made in its entire run. Sequel approved!

So those are my thoughts on Warcraft. Like I said, I didn’t really hate this movie at all; I enjoyed a lot of it, I just wanted it to be more. It’s clear from the get go this is suppose to be the opening act so keep that in mind if you’re going to check it out.