10 Best Movies Based Off Comic Books

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With the release of Logan today, I thought it was fitting to relay my favorite comic book adapted films. I haven’t seen Logan yet, (plan on it this weekend), but I can say I hope it makes my top 10. Wolverine has always been my favorite Marvel character and honestly I think it’s easily top 5 characters of all time. Hulk 181, the first appearance of slicer and dicer is the diamond in my comic book collection. For the most part I think they’ve done a solid job with Logan. Hugh Jackman is perfect and expect for that origin flick it’s been a pretty solid run. But enough about that…so what are my favorite comic film adaptations?

I know some of them will get some groans, but get of it, this is my list.

10. The Watchmen/300
It’s popular to hate on Zach Snyder but can’t deny The Watchmen and 300 looked epic.

9. Deadpool
Deadpool is the comic adaption that goes through your head when you read a Deadpool comic. But this film is really about casting. Without Ryan Reynolds the flick would’ve blown.

8. Dredd
So underrated! Not only is Karl Urban am-a-zing, but the writing is so sharp. I can watch this flick any day, any time, never get sick of it.

7. The Crow
What could’ve been, right? Brandon Lee’s death will always overshadow this beautifully made film about sweet bloody revenge.

6. Kingsman: The Secret Service
Matthew Vaughn is the man! Put him on a Mark Millar project; it’s like printing money. Could’ve easily put Kick Ass on this list also.

5. X-Men: First Class/ X-Men 2: United
Again Matthew Vaughn, these are easily to two standouts in the franchise and the two that felt most like the comic.

4. The Dark Knight
Haven’t found one person that doesn’t like this film. It’s near perfect.

3. Road to Perdition
Tom Hanks has given hundreds of great performances, but this is one of his most unique. Also Jude Law and Paul Newman are fantastic as well.

2. Superman
Christopher Reeves will always be the Man of Steel to me. I just love this movie.

1. Batman
I was 9 when I saw this, and it was amazing. At 36 it still is. I never get sick of Batman, doesn’t matter the actor or if he’s a Lego. Keaton is still the best in my book.

That’s my list and I’m stick with it. I would’ve like to add A History of Violence and Swamp Thing…maybe I’ll have to do a top 50….

What are you top 10 Comic Films? Let us know on twitter or in the comments below.

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